Q Market Research

Researched large national sales force to recommend ways to increase production

Q Market Research was retained by a financial services company to improve sales force production and sales management processes. Before the research, sales management was responding to the loudest complainers. Support and products were not focused on the marketplace realities and needs.

Q Market Research initiated a quarterly mail survey of 3,500 independent sales reps. Questions were asked of their views about the consumer market, market support issues and company operational problems. Responses were weighted by the value of the distributor relationship. Comments from larger producers received more attention.  

The value of the survey work was significant to the company. Findings led to the development of two new marketing programs, one new product, a newly tiered service model, and better overall sales communication. The company integrated the survey findings and actions into the monthly distributor newsletter so sellers saw the impact of their feedback.

Most importantly, sales managers could focus on priority issues in a systematic way. Overall result: sales volume increased by 35% year over year.